How to enter your search

Please first enter your contact details. People looking at your search won’t be able to see those details.They will only be given to the donor.

Describe your search very precisely. Also enter the number of articles you need. Enter as least 1. Think of some specific information, e.g.

  • how much time something might take
  • size of clothing items

We want to prevent conflicts resulting from donations that are out of proportion. So don’t ask for anything or donate anything that has a current value above 50,- EUR.

We are checking listings for inapproriate content or demands. It may therefore take up to 24 hours until your search goes online.

A donor responding to your search will press the button „Spende ich!“ (make donation).
This will cancel the listing. It then says: „Gespendet“ (donation completed).
The necessary contact details will be posted to you.
Please get in touch with the donor as soon as possible to agree on the handing over of the donation.

Your search will be deleted after 4 weeks.